Jia Yucheng

Context Reconstruction in 独立的人们(Independent People)

Literary translation means not only transition from a source text to a target text, but also reconstruction of contexts in the target text as close as possible to those in the source text. Although the accepted view that there is no absolute in literary translation this implies and, to certain extent, encourages individual creativity. Context reconstruction can still be a touchstone, which not only translation critics, but also readers employ to decide whether a translated work is successful or not. As the only translation of Halldor Laxness‘ Independent People in mainland China, 独 立的人们 (dú lì de rén men) is undoubtedly a significant debut of Icelandic literature for Chinese readers. However, unfortunately, some obvious deficiencies can be found in the translation, which not only beset Chinese readers, but also, more seriously, bring depreciate the fame of Halldor Laxness‘ great work. By analysing context reconstruction in 独立的人们, the paper tentatively puts forwards ways to reconstruct context in literary translation.