Viðar Halldórsson

On the Social Construction of Everyday Life: The case of Saga Noren from the TV-series Broen

Sociologists can make use of art to highlight social phenomena and social interaction in various social settings. The aim of this paper is to highlight how deviants can expose the taken-for-granted reality of “the theatre” of everyday life. This paper focuses on social interaction as it is portrayed in the Danish/ Swedish crime drama television series Broen with special attention to the main character, the Swedish female homicide detective Saga Noren.

This paper is based on the symbolic interactionist view. I especially make use of the work of Mead, Goffman and Garfinkel to analyze social interaction and in particular deviance from normal everyday interaction. I illustrate how Saga breaks the common unwritten rules of social interaction, how others perceive her and how she generates a mood of strangeness in her social encounters in different social settings. The script even suggests that Saga suffers from the Asperger ́s syndrome.

It is interesting to note that while Saga is being “true” to herself and her own feelings she is considered to suffer from a disease while those who are not “true” to themselves – in the same sense – and take part in the make-believe acting of everyday life, are considered to be normal.