Marie Silkeberg

Words in War I

A presentation of, and reflections on, a six year long collaboration between an Arabic, and a Swedish poet, Ghayath Almadhoun and Marie Silkeberg.

Ghayath Almadhoun, a Palestinian poet born in Syria (1979), migrated to Sweden in 2008. He is author of the poem ”We” on which the poetry film Destruction IV: Stockholm-Gaza 2009 is based. The film is the last one in a series of four made under the title ”Destruction” 2006-2008, by Marie Silkeberg and Fredrik Arsaeus Nauckhoff.

Destruction I-III is an inquiry into historical memory, through the moving image and the human voice, based on journeys to Japan, Vietnam and Poland.

Destruction IV marks a shift – from past to present – and is an expansion of the understanding of the human voice, its capacity to relate to, and evoke photographical images. An eruption of a non-European perspective.

The film also marks the beginning of a collaboration between Ghayath Almadhoun and Marie Silkeberg; a collaboration – an interval, a dialogue, a confrontation – which since then has produced three other poetry films – The City 2012, Your Memory is My Freedom 2012 and The Celebration 2014, and a book – Till Damaskus (To Damascus) 2014, written and signed by both poets.

This presentation will show extracts from Destruction IV: Stockholm-Gaza 2009 and Your Memory is My Freedom. The main focus will be on the poetry film as a transitional place to confront and elaborate differences. Moving from one art field to another, two poets from different parts of the world dedicates themselves to put the words at risk, in suspense and in motion, opening themselves to power struggles cutting through bodies and languages, in search for affinities that could override differences.

A scarred body, a listening voice. To open a wound. The wound of what? Of whom?