Saturday 20th

Saturday, September 20th

9-10.15 – Parallel Sessions

8. Film/Video (Nordic House)

Moderator: Lára Marteinsdóttir, Filmmaker and Lecturer of Film Studies, University of Iceland

9. Translation (Askja 120)

Moderator: Marion Lerner, Assistant Professor of Translation Studies, University of Iceland

10. Graphic Representations (Askja 130)

Moderator: Ragnar Helgi Ólafsson, Artist

Coffee break*

10.30-11.45 Parallel sessions

11. In-Between II (Nordic House)

Moderator: Magnea J. Matthíasdóttir, Translator and Instructor in Translation Studies, University of Iceland

12. Hagiography and Myth (Askja 120)

Moderator: Sif Ríkharðsdóttir, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, University of Iceland

13. Museology (Askja 121)

Moderator: Sigurjón Baldur Hafsteinsson, Associate Professor of Social Sciences, University of Iceland

14. Transitions (Askja 130)

Moderator: Irma Erlingsdóttir, Ph.D., Associate Professor of French Contemporary Literature, University of Iceland

Lunch break**

13.00-14.00 Plenary Session – Keynote Speaker Roger Allen – Arabic and translation: Past and present*

Moderator: Hoda Thabet, Ph.D.

Coffee break*

14.15-15.30 Parallel sessions

15. Drama (Nordic House)

Moderator: Rúnar Helgi Vignisson, Associate Professor of Creative Writing, University of Iceland

16. Aesthetics & Research (Askja 120)

Moderator: Æsa Sigurjónsdóttir, Associate Professor of Art History, University of Iceland

17. Transformations (Askja 130)

Moderator: Júlían M. Darcy, Professor of English Literature, University of Iceland

Coffee break*

15:45-16:30 Music performances (Nordic House)

Moderator: Haraldur Jónsson, Artist

16. 30 Excursion, Reykjanes Peninsula

  • Departure from the Nordic House
  • It is possible to register for the excursion during the conference
  • Dinner (not drinks) included in the price (13.000 ISK)

*All plenary sessions and coffee breaks take place at the Nordic House

**Suggested restaurants for lunch: Aalto Bistro at the Nordic House, Háma at the UI and Skrúður at Radisson Blu Hotel Saga