10:30 – University of Iceland and the Nordic House

Askja 130
Reproduction, reconstitution and voice sculptures
Moderator: Andri Snær Magnason, Author

Þráinn Hjálmarsson, Composer, Iceland:

Helga Þórsdóttir, Visual Artist, Iceland:
Freya as Re-Production

Hlynur Helgason, Adjunct Lecturer at The Iceland Academy of the Arts:
The Constitution of the Republic of Iceland in Performance –
An analysis of the re-constitution of the Constitution of the Republic of
Iceland into a musical performance by artist team Ólafur Ólafsson
and Libia Castro

Askja 131
Creative Translation
Moderator: Magnea J. Matthíasdóttir, Translator and Lecturer in Creative Writing, University of Iceland/Translation Studies

Christopher Dick, Associate Professor at Tabor College, USA:
“A Pregnant Allegory”: Metaphor in German Translations of Moby-Dick

Gauti Kristmannsson, Professor of Translation Studies at the University of Iceland:
Roaring in Silence: Translating the Scream in Visual Representations

Katelin Parsons (Canada), Research Scholar at the Árni Mangússon Institute of Icelandic Studies:
A translation as lovely as a tree: Writing about translation in 17th century Iceland

Nordic House
Forms of Writing
Moderator: Rúnar Helgi Vignisson, Assistant Professor of Creative Writing, University of Iceland

Monika Keska, Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Granada, Spain:
Fury in a Cage: Seven Poems after Francis Bacon

LO, Yuen-yi, Assistant Professor at The University of Macau, China:
An (In)Visible Letter

Turið Sigurðardóttir, Professor at The University of the Faroes, Faroes Islands:
“When the paint brush finally puts me down” – The visuality  of Tóroddur Poulsen’s poetry

Lunch break

13:00 – Nordic House: Plenary – Keynote speaker: Calum Colvin
Moderator: Gauti Kristmannsson, Professor of Translation Studies, University of Iceland

14:15 – University of Iceland and the Nordic House

Askja 130
Translation and Composition
Moderator: Sabine Leskopf, Translator and Interpreter

Kelly Kar Yue Chan, Assistant Professor at The Open University of Hong Kong:
The Musical Setting of Chinese Poetry as Expressed in English

Muhammad Hesham, Assistant Professor at The Helwan University, Egypt:
Translating the Untranslatable: Emily Dickinson’s Poetry as a Challenge

Johanna Hällsten, Lecturer at Loughborough University, UK:
Translating a Composition: performing the interval

Nordic House
Visual Arts and Creative Writing
Moderator: Shauna Laurel Jones, Reykjavík School of Visual Arts

Katharina Kim Alsen, Writer and Graduate Student at the History of Art Department, University of Oxford, UK:
Blurring Speaks: Gerhard Richter’s Photo Paintings and the Notion of Vagueness

Lesley Duxbury, Professor at The School of Art, RMIT University, Australia:
Picture This: The use of text as art to evoke images or create disjuncture

Mary Hark, Assistant Professor at The University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA:
Making Artwork Between Cultures: Book Arts in Kumasi, Ghana

15:45 Nordic House: Plenary session
Performance Art and Creative Writing
Moderator: Aðalheiður L. Guðmundsdóttir, Program Director of Art Theory, Iceland Academy of the Arts

Heather Connelly, PhD Candidate (by Fine Art Practice) Loughborough University, UK:
Speaking through the Voice of Another VII: Who speaks?

Imri Sandström, Artist, Sweden:
The Spelling and the Spell of Dying Men

Małgorzata Dancewicz and Krzysztof Pawlik – INIRE, Performance Artists, Poland:
re-membering re-called