Alexandra Litaker

Your Blue Mountain, September 2014

My artistic research practice is one of reading as writing and writing as reading. I examine the structure of a novel and translate the structure into another medium in order to experience the dialogue in this space between the two works. Reading is both meaning-making and mapping, and it implicitly involves an investigation into the interrelationship of identity and ecology. I am especially interested in the ways in which autobiography is a practice of reading, remembering, reconstructing. I move out from the space of the place of a novel…involving the body in relation to the witnessed /read work. I enact translating the novel into my own autobiographical work as a means of understanding what motivates me and others to create. The individual identity is in flux in relation to a social and natural ecology. One is in a space encountered and denied­ a self existing in this space between the read novel and the written. What are these places­ the self in this place and the self not in this place. My work investigates nomadic shifting self and the forms it inhabits.