Miriam Salomon

Translating Halldór Laxness

Artist Talk

My research project Translating Halldór Laxness consists of creatively absorbing, distilling and performing selected elements of this Icelandic, Nobel Laureate’s literary works through my art practice.

I first read Laxness’s World Light as a sixteen year old in Montevideo. At the time I probably didn’t give much thought to the efforts of the translators involved in making it possible for me to experience the tetralogy in Spanish secondary translation.

My project posses the question, How might creative practice based research be used to pay tribute to Halldór Laxness and allow an audience to be imaginatively engaged in his literary works?

A field trip and residency last year, to visit sites relevant to Laxness’ life and work, and make initial creative responses to my findings culminated in a relational performance in the green cabinet covered kitchen of the SIM gallery in Hafnarstraeti.

The final version of the work in progress presented at Art in Translation will be exhibited next year as an immersive multi media installation at Southern Cross University in Australia. At the conference I will read from an early draft of the accompanying exegesis and show a portable component of the work titled A case for Halldór Laxness.