Jaana Erkkilä

Discussing Questions about Method when using Art Practice as Research outside Art World

Arts-based and artistic research methods raise questions about validity in research, questions about difference between art as art practice and art as a method in research. Arts-based methods are mainly used in research in art education and in a field of various art practices. Using arts-based research methods is like being a bricoleur, someone putting together parts from here and there and forming a new picture made of old elements.

My presentation has a focus on arts-based research applied to a field of religious studies. I am exploring ideas of early Quakers about heaven (The Kingdom of God / The Peaceable Kingdom) and how those views were expressed in the art works of Edward Hicks (1780 – 1849). My presentation has a strong visual emphasis and claims that visual language can create knowledge that stays hidden in other forms of presentations. I also ask when an image is a work of art and when the same image can be looked upon as either as data or a result of research.