Halla Birgisdóttir

A Narrative of Being in Between

The voices of the artwork, the voices of the text, the voices of the artist and the voices of the reader/spectator meet and form contacts that create the artwork. Something interesting happens when these four elements of art meet. Somewhere between those things lies the fifth element, which is some kind of a hidden narrative which will only reveal itself when these voices contact each other and come together in an exhibition. Potentially it is what we call Art? I like to think that pictorial narratives can be used as a tool to explore and extract ideas, thoughts and visions from the world and our minds.

My art is in between, in between words and pictures, in between spectators and artists, in between visual art and creative writing. In between the personal and the public, reality and unreality. In between the now, future and past. Is it a drawing or a short story ? Is being „in between“ a bad thing? Maybe it is better.

In context of this year Art in translation theme, I want to explore these thoughts and dig further and deeper into A Narrative of Being in Between.