Guillermo Aymerich

8-sounds (bā yīn 八音). Sonorous-painting project

About a relationship between painting and music, building a series of sonorous-
paintings. As a mixed result, we use Eastern concepts with Western solutions. By using different Chinese conditions presented alongside Galician reality in symbiosis.

Based on the book The Sanzijing 三字经, Three-Character Classic, a jewel of Chinese moral philosophy and pedagogy (1127-1279), created to embody the neo-Confucian ideal of uniting in a brief manual, the quintessence of education and philosophy. Any aspect in Chinese culture isn ́t an isolated phenomenon but rather a contextual part related to diverse aspects of life: emerging a particular kind of cosmogony. While the rhythm and melody were developed in Western music, the timbre (tone color) reached a high sophistication in China: an oeuvre becomes different if its instrumentation is altered.

Chosen the rhymed part bā yīn 八音 we built 8 paintings on 8 materials (fundamental component for the timber) extracted from both musical instruments and elements for Fine-Arts, which let ́s 4 Chinese musicians and 4 foreigner ones get an erosive wear attitude to deal with sound. Resulting formats to show will be an exhibition, a concert, a scenic performance and a micro-robot ballet.

Music and painting emerge, develop, demonstrate and perform in unison, in a parallel and mutually binding manner.