Angela Silver

Archaeologies of Inscription: Reactivating the Residue of Language

Archaeologies of Inscription is the positioning of the art production project as a tool for cultural research. Specifically, this is the creation of new critical art projects drawing on the history of the communication device and its relation to the body. The work re-activates, re-positions and re-configures lapsed systems of communication by framing the itinerant ways language inhabits the body, examining and amplifying the material residue of human linguistic exchange. The resulting projects find meaning in the gap between conventional language structures and corporeal experience, questioning the authority of text and its agency. This ongoing reflective practice articulates ways the body performs communication, examining the representation of language while looking critically and poetically at Western societies relationship with information and communication and implicitly revealing the meaning embedded there. The work engages the viewer through three modes of production: the haptic intimate scale of the handheld, the immediacy of the performance, and the ubiquity of the infrastructural. From small sculptural objects, gallery installations and urban interventions the work engages the viewer by creating tensions between textual content and the devices in which they are projected. Through this work the viewer gains a deeper understanding of our bodies relationships to our objects of communication in everyday processes of transmission, translation and human exchange.